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Running an online jewelry business requires you build trust with a total stranger EXCLUSIVELY online. That can be hard. Competition is everywhere and it's hard to know how to find the right people to sell to. That's why GemTek's suite of online jeweler tools are crafted specifically to overcome these difficulties. You don't need a storefront - you don't even need inventory or a marketing budget. All you need is a partner in this game that will push you to new heights - GemTek 360.

GemTek 360: How Savvy Online Jewelers Run Their Businesses

Introducing GemTek 360: Elevating Your Online Jewelry Venture

Hey Online Jewelers,

You're a different breed. You don't have a storefront, you're operating in pretty new territory, and you're trying to compete with long time established businesses... without a massive budget. You've got your work cut for you! Well now, most of that work can be handed off to a system that will take your operation and make it a well oiled, profit driven machine. Meet GemTek 360.

We at GemTek International are here to present GemTek 360, a unique tool forged from our own experiences and struggles in the jewelry world. We’ve felt the hurdles of operating in the digital sphere and dreamt of a tool that could simplify our journey, and thus, GemTek 360 came to life. In fact, 2 of our founding team members own their own 6 & multi-7 figure online jewelry businesses and GemTek was created to address the issues that we kept running into on a daily basis. Now we have way more time for ourselves, spend much less on advertising and make more sales than ever before. Here are some ways we do that:

GemTek 360: Blending Elegance with Digital Excellence

Today's buyer is more savvy and has more options than ever before. You have a much larger hill to climb against competition online, but there are untapped pockets of opportunity that we exploit for huge results. GemTek 360 is our way of combining the elegant allure of jewelry with the advanced capabilities of modern technology. It’s crafted to streamline your online operations, offering a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

Unified Communication

GemTek 360 consolidates all interactions with your customers under one roof, enabling smoother and more meaningful engagements, helping your online brand create lasting relationships. We take social media, texting, phone calls, appointments, orders and keep them all in once place for each client.

Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling

Our jewelers have an average 95%+ closing rate with appointments booked through GemTek 360. With GemTek scheduling appointments to showcase your beautiful pieces becomes effortless, enhancing convenience for you and your prospective buyers. We've had many jewelers getting appointments from the first day we do their scheduler set up.

Magnetizing Online Leads!

GemTek 360 acts as a lead magnet, drawing in potential buyers from various online platforms, converting interest into tangible engagements and driving traffic to your virtual storefront. Grow your list quickly and intelligently using our multifaceted lead generation strategy.

Enhanced Social Media Presence

GemTek 360 empowers your online store with an amplified presence across social media, extending your reach and helping you connect with a larger audience of jewelry enthusiasts. This leads to more followers, dm's, and sales.

Optimized Subscription Costs

GemTek 360 provides a comprehensive solution, reducing the need for multiple subscriptions and allowing you to allocate more resources to the core aspects of your business. On average, our online jewelers are able to condense more than 7 software subscriptions into one with us.

Deep Customer Insights

GemTek 360 offers profound insights into customer preferences, enabling you to tailor your offerings with precision and cultivate a customer-centric approach in your online venture. With these insights, we know how to increase sales and scale into new markets you aren't even aware of yet.

Expansive Virtual Presence

GemTek 360 ensures consistent visibility across multiple online platforms, making your unique creations accessible to a diverse audience, wherever they might be browsing. In fact, we even do a complimentary site audit and SEO repair on your site when you sign on.

Streamlined Buying Journey

Our solution facilitates a smooth transition for customers from exploration to acquisition, removing any potential obstacles in the purchasing process. Buyers need to have trust in your business, so we build that in from the ground up.

Informed Decision-Making

GemTek 360 equips you with actionable insights and analytics, enabling informed decisions that align with your business objectives and customer expectations.

Securing Your Digital Assets

Most importantly, we ensure robust security for your crucial business data, providing peace of mind in your online operations.

We even have multiple ways of ensuring no fraudulent charges come across your account, giving you peace of mind selling online.

GemTek 360: Your Digital Companion

GemTek 360 is more than just a tool; it's a partner in your online journey, enhancing customer experiences and ensuring satisfaction with every interaction. By using GemTek 360, you're not just maintaining your unique charm as a jewelry business; you're elevating your entire online presence to new levels of success by interacting with your customers how THEY want to be interacted with.

Join Us in Transforming Online Jewelry Business

We developed GemTek 360 from our experiences, our battles, and our passion for making the digital jewelry world more radiant. We are eager to see more online stores leveraging GemTek 360, bringing more sparkle to the online jewelry realm and selling more than ever before. Embrace the future with us, optimize your digital operations, and let’s create a more glittering and enriched online jewelry world together with GemTek 360! Keep shining online!

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