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We Get People To Walk In Your Door, Ready To Buy

If you have someone in front of you who reached out to you, loves your store, and set a time to come in to buy a piece of jewelry... what is the likelihood that you're going to make the sale? If you're like most brick & mortar stores we work with - very high. For us it's close to 99%. That's why we built GemTek 360: to get multiple ready-to-buy qualified people in your door, talking to your best sales people every day. How many fine jewelry sales do you want per day? 5? 10? 20? 50? Not a problem. Leave it to GemTek.

GemTek 360: Making Your Life Easier as An Independent Jeweler

Built For Brick & Mortars Wanting to Wear Less Hats, Save Money & Make More Sales

GemTek 360 is the epitome of the future fused with timeless tradition. It is meticulously crafted to optimize your business processes, ensuring a seamless marriage of proven tested strategies to cutting-edge innovations.


Unified Communication Channels: Everything In One Place

GemTek 360 consolidates various communication avenues, streamlining interactions with your valued customers. This consolidation ensures optimal and efficient communication, allowing for more personalized and meaningful connections.

Seamless Appointment Bookings: Showing Up, Ready To Buy

Our platform simplifies the process of booking appointments for viewing fine jewelry, creating custom jewelry and ensuring that both you and your customers experience the utmost convenience and can focus on the beautiful pieces at hand. Best of all, because of the backend automated communication GemTek has been doing with your prospects, they come ready to buy with an average 95% close rate.

Amplifying Online Lead Generation: We Hope You Like Attention

GemTek 360 is proficient in harnessing the power of the online realm, bringing in leads from diverse platforms and converting online interest into real-world foot traffic to your elegant stores. Automatically give directions, nurture leads from online, and help people find what they need. All while you sit back and watch

Turn Your Social Media Into A Reliable Sales Channel

With our innovative solution, your store gains an enhanced presence on social media platforms, aiding in expanding your reach and connecting with a wider audience of jewelry enthusiasts. We also convert people from online to in store. We have multiple campaigns that run simultaneously specifically for getting more followers, turning followers into leads, turning leads into qualified prospects, and turning qualified into a steady stream of sales.

Reducing Subscription Costs: Are You Overpaying?

GemTek 360 is not just about amplification; it’s also about optimization. We help you cut down on the costs of multiple subscriptions by providing a holistic solution, thus ensuring more resources are available for other essential aspects of your business. Not only does your performance go way up, because you're using a solution actually built and personalized to you from day 1, but you also get to take the equivalent of 10 or more subscriptions and consolidate them into one. On average, our brick and mortar store are saving more than $1,000 a month by switching to GemTek.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Why do people buy from you and not someone else? Or better question: why do people buy from someone else and NOT you? If you can figure that out, and account for that strategically, you can be ahead of the curve instead of lagging behind. Understanding your customer is ultimately how you become their #1 choice. By offering valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, GemTek 360 enables you to tailor your offerings and services more accurately, fostering a customer-centric approach.

Expansive Presence

No one can find you? No one knows who you are? You're getting drowned out by the other jewelers around you? That's a marketing problem. We need a way to get attention wherever people are. We can't just wait for them to magically show up. GemTek 360 ensures you have a consistent, harmonious presence across diverse platforms, making your exquisite collections and unique value accessible to a broader audience, wherever they might be looking. This way, they know all about your business and what you offer and what makes you their choice.

Optimized Sales Journey

We know EXACTLY how to get customers from online and into your store, credit card in hand. How? Because we've sold millions and millions of dollars in jewelry this way. There is a process that works - and you want that process happening in your business too. GemTek 360 aids in creating a smoother path for customers, from exploration to acquisition, by eliminating any potential hurdles in the purchasing process.

Data-Driven Decisions

GemTek 360 empowers you with precise analytics and insights, allowing for informed and intelligent decision-making to enhance your strategies and operational tactics. When you have data, you know where you're going and how to improve.

Security and Peace of Mind

Above all, we ensure robust security mechanisms to safeguard your crucial business information, providing peace of mind in your daily operations. We do not share your contacts with anyone else, we do not sell any data AND we are in the top .001% of companies in terms of security of data. We take this seriously, you should too.

A Comprehensive Solution

GemTek 360 is more than a tool; it’s a partner in progress, facilitating enhanced customer journeys and unparalleled experiences, ensuring satisfaction at every step. By leveraging GemTek 360, you’re not just maintaining your unique charm and appeal; you’re elevating your entire business ecosystem to new heights of success and customer satisfaction. This means you look better, your customers are happier, and you're making more money while spending less time in your business.

We at GemTek are enthusiastic about the transformative possibilities GemTek 360 brings to your esteemed jewelry businesses. Embrace the future with us, optimize your operations, and let's create a more radiant and enriched jewelry landscape together! Keep shining with GemTek 360!

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